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1) Submit your "Dealer locator Form" online at " Where to Buy". We will locate an authorized local dealer contact you for details.

2) Meanwhiile, if practical for you, please provide your kitchen's measurements as follows:

Height from your kitchen's floor to ceiling:_____________ (Please write clearly on the line)
Height of your wall cabinets:____________________(Please write clearly on the line)
Measurement of your Range, Refrigrator, Dishwasher, Microwave, Sink base (Please fill the circles with measurement numbers as indicated in the following design guide.)

Important Notice:
We understand every kitchen and every owner are different from each other. If you have specialrequirements or design other than this design guide could describe, please feel free to contact us (click here).

You are welcome to compare our price with your local home improvement stores. Just make sure to compare them with the same standard product. Please note all our door, frame are made of Solid wood, and panel made of 1/2 or 3/4 inch plywood. No compressed wood or particle board in any part of our cabinet.
Please provide the following personal information for your order:

Your full name: ______________________________________

Contact number: (Home) ____________________  (Work) ________________________
                           (Cell) ____________________  (Fax) ____________________________

Email Address:  ___________________________

Delivery address (If applicable)      

City: ______________________ State:  ___________________ Zip Code: _____________

Your prefer payment method (Please circle)

1. Credit Cards (Visa or Master Card).
2. Credit Cards (American Express or Discover)
3. Money Order
4. Personal Check
5. Company Check
6. Cash

Signature for authorizing Credit Card charge:

By signing at the following, I agree to pay the amount of ____________________(Please enter the exact amount of your ordered value) for estimate or invoice # _____________________

I agree to the charges for kitchen/bathroom material, labor, freight or any other related charge. I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions as explained by O'Neil Trading Company.

Credit Card number:

Expiration Date:

Security Code:
(3 or 4 digital numbers)

Card holder's name:

Billing address: _______________________________________________________________________

               City: ______________________ State:  ___________________ Zip Code: _____________

Signature for authorization: ______________________________

Signature's full name (Please print) _________________________



Indicate Preferred Cabinet Style  - Daydream____ Vintage____ Shaker____Classic____ Other____

                                                            Coffee____ Chocolate____Cherry____ Cream____


B09 DCB42 W2136 WDC273615 BFP9 TP3 V3621 
B12 PC1884 W2142 WDC2442 BFP12 TP4 302133.5 
B15 PC1890 W2430 WDC274215 448-BC-8C VAF36 302133.5DL 
B18 PC1896 W2436 WEA30 RV-18PB-1 VAF48 302133.5DR 
B21 PC2484 W2442 WEA36 RV-DM-KIT VAS60 3021DL 
B24 PC2490 W2730 WEA42 RV-15PB-2S VAS72 3021DR 
B27 PC2496 W2736 WEF0930 BF3 WF330 362133.5DL 
B30 PC3084 W2742 WEF0936 BF3-C WF630 362133.5DR 
B33 PC3090 W3030 WEF0942 BF6 WF330-C V3621DL 
B36 PC3096 W3036 WEF1230 BF6-C WF330-R V3621DR 
B39 PC3684 W3042 WEF1236 PNL 48X34.5 WF336 3621DL 
B42 PC3690 W3330 WEF1242 PNL96X34.5 WF636 3621DR 
BBC36-39L" PC3696 W3336 WES0630L PNL96X24 WF336-C 422133.5DL 
BBC36-39R" PC1884-P W3342 WES0630R PNL 34.5X24 WF342 422133.5DR 
BBC42-45L PC1890-P W3630 WES0636L PNL 12X30 WF342-C V4221DL 
BBC42-45R PC1896-P W3636 WES0636R PNL 12X36 WF1.5X96 V4221DR 
DB12-4 PC2484-P W3642 WES0642L PNL 12X42 WF642 4221DL 
DB12-3 PC2490-P W3012 WES0642R CBL=001 WF642-C 4221DR 
DB15-3 PC2496-P W3015 WES1230L CBL-002 WF396 4821D 
DB15-4 PC3084-P W3018 WES1230R CBL-V WF396-C VSD542133.5D 
DB18-3 PC3090-P W3021 WES1236L CM1-5/8" 242130 VSD602133.5D 
DB18-4 PC3096-P W3024 WES1236R CM2-1/2 272130 VSD5421 
DB21-3 OC2884 W3027 WES1242L CM2-1/2R 302130 VSD6021 
DB21-4 OC3084U W3315 WES1242R CM2-1/2-T 362130 6021D 
DB24-3 OC3184 W3318 WM301812 CM3-1/2-R VSD302130DR 602133.5DD 
DB24-4 OC3384U W3324 WM273012 CM3-1/2-T VSD302130DL VCD6021 
DB30-3 OC2890 W3327 WM273612 CM2-1/2X96 VS362130DR 6021DD 
DB36-3 OC3090U W3612 WM274212 CM4-R VS362130DL 7221DD 
DB36-4 OC3190 W3615 3015WR DKD3021 VSD422130DR LC7818-21 
BES09L OC3390 W3618 36GR DKD3621 VSD422130DL M30 
BES09R OC2896 W3621 30GR DOA VSD542130D M36 
BES09L-PLY OC3096U W3624 WPR3015 DWR VSD602130D M48 
BES09R-PLY OC3196 W3627 WPR3615 DWR3 VCD602130D MR2430 
BEF 12L OC3396 W3912 WH30 GRAPE-O V1230 MR3040 
BEF12R W0930 W3915 WH36 MBEP24 V1530 MR3640 
BES12L W0936 W3924 ID30 MWEO1230 V1533.5 MR4834 
BES12R W0942 W4215 ID36-6 MWEP1236 V18 OJ2130 
LS3309 W1230 W301524 T15 MWEP1242 V1830   
LS3612 W1236 W302424 T18 OCM8 V1830.5   
SB30 W1242 W331524 T21 OCM9 V21   
SB33 W1530 W332424 T24 QR8 V2130   
SB36 W1536 W361224 T27 LM8 242133.5   
SB42 W1542 W361524 T30 RRP96 2421   
FHS33 W1830 W361824 T33 SHELL-O 2421   
FHS36 W1836 W362424 T36 SM8 272133.5   
NCSB36 W1842 WDC2430 BFP6 SM9 3021   
DCB-F42 W2130 WDC2436 BFP6-T TK8 V3021   
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