Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of O’Neil Cabinets custom-grade product features?

·          Our Traditional English dovetail drawer provide strongest construction drawer for a long-lasting hold. Most screw-on drawer box or so-called French dovetail draw box may require fasten or adjustment after 1-2 years, English dovetail definitely has its well deserved reputation as best choice for drawer box construction.
·          Our under-mount soft-close drawer gliders also give cabinets a longer-lasting effect. The drawer gliders are supplied by SIKAI, which is a name brand made in Taiwan. SIKAI drawer glides are the highest quality and most durable soft-close drawer gliders in the mass production industry. You pay for what you got.  Compare our drawer glides movement to other name brand glider, you will see the difference.
·          While many customers worry about pre-drilled cam-lock system vs. traditional glued dowel-joint box, O’Neil Series products provide box construction combine with double the size and quantity of Cam lock hardware and put wood dowel insert between Cam locks position, which give a strong and sturdy structure. They will not shake or squeak after assembling.
·          We use 5/8” thick Grade A/B plywood for all O’Neil custom grade cabinets. Grade A/B wood means the wood skin glued on top of the plywood is 90% free of knots or defects, so you can expect a clean and high-quality finish inside and outside of our cabinets.

2. Why choose O’Neil Cabinets custom-grade products?

A.    Our O’Neil Series have strong drawer gliders and dovetail drawer boxes –soft-close anti-slam under-mount drawer gliders.
·          All of our O’Neil Series come with standard soft-close anti-slam under-mount drawer gliders which will hold more weight and are more stable.
·          All of our cabinet’s drawer boxes come with traditional dovetail construction – This construction is a much more durable and stronger than regular screw-on, or cam-lock, or even French dovetail construction.
·          Our SIKAI drawer gliders (Taiwan’s best name brand used in the mass production industry) are usually double of the cost of other duplicate gliders in China’s market.
B.    Our O’Neil Series are stronger in construction – dowel insert combine with 1 5/8” long Cam-Lock hardware.
·          We care about our quality – To build strong construction cabinets comparable to custom-built products, we use 5/8” thick Grade A/B plywood for the box, including the back panel. Grade A/B plywood means that the wood-skin finish is 90% free of cosmetic defects. While most of the other commercial-grade uses 1/2” thick plywood, the 5/8”plywood used in our O’Neil series cabinets are much stronger and less likely to have a warping problem.
·          The O’Neil series cabinets hardware includes longer and more cam-locks with a combination of traditional wood dowel insert between each cam locks.
·          There are three counts of 1 5/8” long cam-locks on each side of the frame, compared to most of the commercial-grade RTA cabinets that only have two ¾” long cam-locks, our manufacturing team definitely put more labor hours in and requires more accurate engineering machining work. Plus wood dowel insert between cam locks, they make a tight body for cabinets’ durability.

Natural Solid Wood Material:
A.    Doors and frame material- O’Neil cabinets series are made of American maple woods which are exported to our China facility to process. It is very important that lumber is kiln-dried properly to balance water content (5-8%). With this standard door material, our products have lower warping or splitting problems.
·          Some importers may claim China birch or Russian maple/birch material is treated in water balance facility, too; however, the fact is – United State (the maple lumber origin) has the best-quality kiln-dried facility, so you will find fewer problems with door panels made of American maple than any other origin lumber products.
·          The cost for American maple is higher than Russian/China maple/birch, but the grain and density is better, too. We strive to bring quality to our customers and end users. We will keep looking for better cost-efficient materials, but quality always comes first. Before we find better solution, we will continue to use American maple wood.  

B.    Drawer material – We use selective Russian maple/birch for drawer boxes to be cost efficient, no plywood or particle boards for all side panels (bottom are plywood with birch wood veneer). No paper veneer. And selected material will major blue stain or dead knots on drawer box. We tried very hard to use the best presentable material for our cabinets, even for drawers, you will not see those left-over woods, finger joint, and block joint on our drawers.

C.    Finish of wood skin for box construction – Grade A/B plywood means both sides are 90% free of defects. You will see nice machines stain/paint finish for both interior and exterior. We also provide solid wood door panels for end finish, but with our premium exterior finish, the decorative doors are optional. There is no vinyl or paper skin. We use birch wood skin with a matching paint/stain finish for a completed premium finish.

3. What are my payment options and how do I make a payment?

O’Neil Cabinets accepts all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), and checks from verified customers.Visit our website at and select “How to Order” for the billing form, and fax or e-mail the form to our fax/e-mail address. **Checks must be verified via national check association (NCA) before shipment/pick-up. O’Neil Cabinets reserves the right to refuse checks that are not accepted or verified by the NCA. It may take up to 5-10 days for out-of-state checks and 1-3 business days in advance for local checks. California customers must pay 8.75% sales tax, unless you have valid resale permit. All fees and charges must be prepaid before pick-up or shipping. If an order is cancelled after confirmation, a 15% handling fee will apply for the entire order.

4. How much is the shipping cost and what is the ETA (estimate time of arrival)?

Upon receipt of payment, we will ship out the cabinets within in 1-2 business days. Depending on which state the shipment is being delivered to, the delivery time will be 1-10 business days (delivery date may vary depending on carrier and tracking number will be available upon carrier pick up).   The shipping charge is based on actual freight charge from the carriers and differs according to your delivery address. The shipping charge also depends on the weight and size of the shipment.**All charges including the delivery fees must be prepaid and are nonrefundable.For international shipments, the shipping charge normally ranges from $300 to $900 depending on the weight and sizes of the cabinets and its molding materials and accessories. Actual freight will be estimated separately. Custom tariff will be collected by the country. *** All customers will need to handle the custom clearance procedure and will be responsible for custom tariffs. For custom clearance, customers can do self-broking with help through the trucking company, general brokers, or hire a custom broking agent to do the job.  If you do not have a broker, we can recommend one for you. The customer will also need to pay for the bond which may occur due to self-broking or delayed custom clearance (usually about $50.00 is charged from shipping company).

5. What is the returns and exchange policy?

Exchange is available upon confirmation of authorized RMA number. All exchanged/returned packages must include a written consent, and all items must be in the original unopened package/box with the correct code number for identification of cabinets. The packages or boxes must be clean and in a re-sellable condition. Otherwise, return will be declined.All freight charges for returned or exchanged items must be prepaid by the customer. COD-freight packaging will be refused without exception.All local customers will be charged a 15% restocking fee for returns, and a 20% restocking fee will be applied for out-of-state customers including international customers, no exception.

***Accessories are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

6. What kind of warranty does O’Neil Cabinets provide for their cabinets?

Should any of our products fail due to defects in material or manufacturer workmanship under normal use, please contact O’Neil cabinets’ representatives regarding the defects.
**Warranty Registration is recommended to protect your claimed rights. Our warranty form is available by fax, e-mail, or by registering online.
Please check out our Terms & Conditions for details.


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